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General Guidance : How to build realistic landscape


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This is general guidance question. How to build detailed landscapes like the image below?

Trees can be modeled within lower poly count. But how about grass and micro plants?

I can see bloom, fog and lens flare are essential to create such a scene.  



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To make dense grass like on your image, can be use fureMaterial and add a grass texture. You can also use sprites to create taller grass variants.


For flowers, you can do it with low poly 3d models or sprites.


For the reflection, you have lens-flare.


Fog can be easily added with Babylon.


Babylon can allow you to do this kind of scene with a little bit of optimization.

But for the grass I recommend using FureMaterial which will give a realistic effect

Do not need to merge objects that have the same materials to optimize. 


Using instances, clone can also help optimize your scene

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Thank you all for the inputs.
I just saw Threejs bloom post process (which they say is inspired by UE) https://threejs.org/examples/webgl_postprocessing_unreal_bloom.html

In that example, the bloom is applied to the material, not to the frame. That one is more realistic. Most quality Unreal Engine visualizations use it heavily I think. 

As far I as I can tell, Babylon doesn't have it. Right?

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And as for the volumatric lights, here another try: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5E230#31

... but it seems to render in a weird way (volumetric light seems to be placed where are supposed to be the shadows!), so did I make a mistake in my use?

[edit] After re-trying to tweak volume light, I can't sucess to get the result I want. I take the liberty to ping you @Deltakosh, maybe I spot a bug? [/edit]

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