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(PAID) Looking for a cocos2d-JS experimented dev. Port games from flash to html5

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We are a French indie dev studio based in Paris : http://www.pinpinteam.com

Few years ago, we have developed web multiplayer games based on flash : http://www.jeux-gratuits.com/jeux-multijoueurs.html and today we need to port those flash games on html5

We have already started the job. Examples of Yahtzee : http://www.jeux-gratuits.com/jeu-yahtzee-multijoueur.html (You can switch to flash and html5 version on the main page)

We have done the porting of 3 of the 29 games (Rummy, Yahtzee and cheekers)

Few weeks ago, the freelance developer who handle this job has quit for a full-time position

So we are looking for a new developer who can restart the job for 2 or 3 more ports.

Objective : 
Port this game (http://www.jeux-gratuits.com/jeu-mahjong-multijoueur.html)  runing on flash with Smart Fox Server 1 to an HTML5 game with Smart Fox Server 2

- You'll get all source code from previous ports (Rumy, Yahtzee, Cheeckers). Lobby and all other UI stuff are same for all games. Those first 3 ports were done with the Cocos-2D JS framework.
- You'll get the Flash source code from the Flash Game version
- Mainly you should implement game logic for the game you need to port
- Generally you should make all game logic (Client/html5 and Server/Java) and insert art that we provide you
- We are the owner of all the source code you will do for the port
- We need a "free-of-bugs" build. QA tester from our studio will QA the game.
- Our previous freelance can be consulted and contacted if you have questions
 - If the job for this first game is well done, we can have a long-term partnership.

To apply : 
- Send me an email to [email protected] with your basic information and some references (portfolio, website, previous work)
- It's a freelance job, remote only
- Then I will send you back an email with further information, 

It's a PAID JOB, 

Have a nice day,


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