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Removing sprite still triggers hitTest?


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Ah well then you probably need to remove the enemy from the array.

There is helper function in Array called "erase" which you can use to erase one item from array, for example:

var enemy = new game.Enemy();
var enemies = [];
enemies.push(enemy); // Push to array
enemies.erase(enemy); // Remove from array


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Hi @enpu

That did the trick, thank you for the tips!

I'm thinking I might have to finish this project in Construct, as I have it half done already.

Panda is the BEST engine I've used, but I'm finding it really hard to find the time to learn the ins and outs of 'coding', and its really taking me away from getting stuff done.

I have a few projects lined up where I'd like to use Panda, but I don't know if I have the time right now to work through all my 'problems'.

Again, Panda is the most flexible / best engine I've used - I just don't know if I have the time right now to invest into doing stuff 'properly'.

I'd love to slap the game together somehow, but I feel like I'm constantly asking questions and holding you up from developing the engine.

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