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Problem Parenting Mesh to Camera... in 'Latest' BJS


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Hi DeBugger Team!

On behalf of THIS thread and THIS playground...

AND on behalf of THIS thread and THIS playground...

...we are reporting that parenting-to-camera is broken... in "latest".

Still works in "stable".

(I bet it's some kind of Wingnut mistake, or I missed a change announcement, somewhere.  Wingnut is a pro at reporting bugs... that are ACTUALLY Wingnut mistakes/stupidity.)  :D

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See that, gang?  Like Marshall Matt Dillon... from Gunsmoke.  Marshall Delta Dillon.  Asks the bug to surrender, first.  Then, when the bug tries to resist, he guns it down... in 6/10ths of a second, and still has time to wink and wave to Miss Kitty!  Gruesome.  Thx DK!   Smokin'!  :)

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