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how does html5 publishers emailing work ?

Html5 GS

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I am a newbie as you can see. I sent emails to 8 publishers(small publishers) for a html5 game license and no one responded for two days now :mellow:.

Does they only respond when they like the game?or I should wait for a week or two:huh:.

Thanks for your time and I am waiting for your answers.;)

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but I think that the topic is talking about sponsorship for an app store game and he is emailing big publishers and I am emailing for a html5 game licence (non-exclusive and exclusive ) for small publishers (who should have more time to respond than bigger one ) . 

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Okay. In my experience, while I'm not really sure how small is "small" in your context, usually the big ones respond slower than the small ones, or sometimes just the same (even though the big ones barely respond within a week).

I'd say you can expect an answer between a day to three or four weeks, then you can move on. This can vary from other dev's experience.

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