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Unity talk - ECS for small things


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I like the idea of it to optimize the game size and performance rather than solving early architecture decisions. Definitely worth it for web as well. That Fastlane Ad, holy crap less than 1 MB including assets using Unity? Wow.

I think this also answers the other topic found here http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/36498-html5-export-of-unity-flappy-bird-is-714kb/

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Called it :P - "Unity Tiny" using a lightweight Entity Component System - cool!  38 mins of either zero-bs or total-bs depending upon your opinion of the merits vs hype of ECS.  For anyone already familiar with ECS skip to 28mins to see roadmap and deployment.  Still in closed tests, so probably not wise to start changing roadmaps just yet?  Until then cool story - and fuels uptrend of messenger-games / playable-ads / HTML5.

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I pretty much care less about the ECS as architecture (or any other architecture they would use), but whatever thing they do to reduce file size massively, load faster, and increase performance and scalability, I'll do it. If they use ECS just because it's "cool" in terms of engineering and become a mere, opinionated paradigm shift (which is super common in webdev field with all those silly MVC derivations), I wouldn't really take it.

I also think this presentation of "small things" is just a fraction of the feature. According to this article, the aim is primarily also for big games. https://www.mcvuk.com/development/exclusive-unity-takes-a-principled-step-into-triple-a-performance-at-gdc
And this video explains their approach in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwnb9Clh2Is

Big engines like these barely able to reduce their file size to a few MBs, not to mention KBs, even though it strips most of its parts.
But apple to apple example, Unreal Engine 4 barely even able to touch below 30 MB for its simple example game Tappy Chicken (a Flappy Bird clone), making it definitely not possible for super small games.
Even a smaller one with editor like Cocos Creator's core HTML5 game engine is 1.5 MB by default, and still around 900 KB~ with their physics and skeleton exporter modules stripped.
So far it's really amazing for me if they can scale down Unity to the point that I don't even need to make things from scratch for a super small games, as Unity is (potentially!) not really "overkill" anymore to do it.

For it being stable for usage at production level? Well they just announced it officially, so let's see how this goes in a few years.

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I on the other hand love Architectures, sometimes i can get stuck for hours just trying out different things just to try and get the fastest and smallest builds. But that does sometimes not go hand in hand with gettin a end result as after a certain point the gains are so small no one will ever notice ? so I get you!

will have a look at your links later ??

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