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Blender animation parenting & pivot issue - instructions


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To help anyone else with issues with animation parenting & pivot in Blender (2.9) & exporter 5.5.0, here goes.

Playground illustrating problem: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#SYAFM9 & .blend file attached.

  • Ensure that animation name is named as: objectname-Action, eg. Cube.001-Action
  • Create an empty at the location you want the child to pivot
  • Move the child object to the location of the empty
  • In the parenting, make sure the empty goes between parent and child objects... so, parent > empty > child
  • Move the empty to 0,0,0

This may show it better:


There may be a better way, if there is - please let me know.


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Looked at your .blend.  Not exactly the same as your GIF.  One thing you might try, not using an empty, is setting the origin of the child to that of the parent.  It fixes things for me to have all children having the same origin as the parent, though I am using an armature.  Maybe handles this too.

  1. Select the parent
  2. Move parent to 0,0,0 (not really required, but recommended, since vertices will be smaller so .babylon smaller)
  3. Move cursor to selected {Shift-S, then pick "Cursor to Selected"}
  4. Select a child, and move origin of all vertices {Shift-Ctrl-Alt-C, then pick "Origin to 3D Cursor"}
  5. Parent child to parent
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