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Render big mesh


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Hi TF.  When I played the actual game... with my Firefox 52 ESR... I saw no problems.  I watched the video, too.

I saw nothing in the game (in about 10 minutes of walking player around)... that was similar to the video.  hmm. 

What browser/computer are you testing-on?  (thx)

I tried it on my IE, too, but... SCRIPT5009: 'Promise' is undefined - line 33 of slavs.js  (old IE, I suppose)

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Tested on Chrome 65 in work and in home.

I need to refresh game few times to achieve this bug. It can happen on SPS models: trees or plants.

This SPS meshes is generated on big plane, also i try to divide plane and generate my SPS as smaller objects, but it don't fix that. 

When I set alwaysIsActive mesh, then this problem not happen, but i am not sure of use mesh always is active. 


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