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PIXI-SOUND is not working in IE11 11.0.56


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Today I accidently updated IE to the latest version then sound library is not working any more, I tried PIXI-SOUND and Howlerjs, both libraries are not working. when a sound is played, the game become frozen. in previous IE, it doesnt have such problem

I think it might be due to the issue of HTMLAudioElement. I tried to look into the problem without any luck which I guess it might be the internal issue in the latest build of IE.

Does anyone have any issues? 

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57 minutes ago, charlie_says said:

My version of IE is 11.0.60 and PIXI sound seems to work fine in it.

@jonforum whilst I don't disagree  with what you're saying, I'm just winding up a project which had to support IE11, not my choice, the client stipulated it. (And yes, it was a massive pain.)


I believe you mentioned the version is 11.0.50. 11.0.60 is not released yet. 11.0.56 was released just last month. I am using 11.0.50 in my workstation. It works perfectly

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I mentioned it in other posts, IE does not support WebAudioAPI so all sound API have to use HTMLAudioElement to play sounds on IE. Because HTMLAudioElement does lack many properties available in WebAudioAPI some frameworks try to simulate them using tickers but depending on EI builds some watched property might not even exist and cause failure.

The solution is to determine which HTMLAudioElement property is not available and skip it so you need to modify the framework code to check first the property availability and only then check its status.

Ultimately if sound experience is important in your app then you should simply not support IE at all.

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