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Phaser 2 Video wont load on android 7.1.1


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Hi guys, 

Im kinda new here but I need help with Phaser 2 (PhaserCE 2.10.3) and loading videos.. 
My code is :

main.prototype = {
   preload: function(){
      game.load.video("earth_1", "assets/video/earth_1.mp4");
   create: function(){
    var video = game.add.video("earth_1");

    var flare = spawner.spawn(g.sprites.flare)

    var ring = spawner.spawn(g.sprites.ring)
    var highly_recommended = spawner.spawn(g.sprites.highly_recommended)
    var logo = spawner.spawn(g.sprites.logo)

it works fine when I run it in web using a local server.. but when I compile it with cocoon using canvas+, i get an error.
using the cocoon developer app i get the errors attached.. 

i tried my best to google it out and also look at the 
https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser-ce/ docs as well as the main site but i just cant crack this

running out of ideas.. does the video resolution have an effect?

im using an .mp4 video as an animated background



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