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Serialize Environment Texture Crashes Scene


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Hi guys... I ran into a problem recently when trying to serialize environmentTexture. It just crashes the scene and most times does not give any error message.

I tried to take a look a the engine codebase but cant seem to find any STATIC SCENE PARSE that I would assume has some "parsedScene" javascript object but it does not.

Does anyone know WHY I cant serialize environmentTexture or WHERE I would go add that support to the engine.

Note: When using the toolkit to export scenes that have an environmentTexture it would be MUCH BETTER to be able to serialize that texture in the babylon json just like any other

property. Otherwise, you will ALWAYS have to DEPEND on the Babylon Toolkit's Scene Manager API to render your main environment texture. For those that are planning to use PURE EXPORT ONLY features will be out of luck. So I am hoping to get this resolved by the next release. Any info is ALWAYS appreciated.


UPDATED I updaed 3.2 to fix the problem and also added BABYLON.HDRCubeTexture as a type of scene.environmentTexture that can be serialized into the scene file.

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