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Still struggling with the small pause as loading animation


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Hi @enpu

I've broken up my images into 3x 2048x2048 atlases.

I have a long animation that spans a couple of atlases. When creating the animation from the class - there is a slight pause as its first being created.

In a past post, you said that this was a limitation of js and loading large files. I've tried to make the atlases smaller (instead of 4096x4096), but still cant get rid of the pause.

You've also put in a pre render setting in order to cause this pause while loading, instead of mid-level.

Is there anything I can do while still being able to use an anim of this size and get rid of this pause - should the atlases be even smaller?

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Well you seem to have solved the problem yourself ;)

Personally i would not consider that as a problem, more like a normal behaviour when loading assets. No matter what game engine, JavaScript or any other. There is always some sort of pause when loading assets to memory. How notable that is, really depends on how big the asset is, what device/computer are you using etc..

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