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The event-based games/apps today ?


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In the age of flash there was a well-known MVC frameworks. A lot of small and big, 2d, event-based games, portals, apps are built upon it. And now flash is almost dead. But the people and companies still has the same needs from that kind of content (games, engines, portals, ..).

Our team found a very similar solution PIXI + custom MVC + Typescript. PIXI is so web and we have to maintain PIXI - a problem. 

1. What framework should be used to create an event-based game today? Phaser - no. It's big for games without any physics and no onFrameUpdate needs ?

2. Is there out any new framework/approach to build and structure that kind of applications ?

3. Do you have some good ideas at whole?

Give more ideas, solutions, best practices on web and etc. Thanks !

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Hi man!

Pixi.js I think best player here. Phaser is a little bit overhead in my opinion.

From my experience, I started to work with Pixi, but after some time, I realized that is quite old (I want to use ES7 babel by clear way, also there are a lot of stuff which is not needed to me and a lot of stuff that is needed but hard to implement with current engine), I wrote my own rendering engine from scratch, only for my purposes for one month.
I can easily scale my rendering engine and I didn't have something that is not needed.
Of course, this rendering engine only for my game, I didn't make it to be absolute.

1) Write by yourself or just use Pixi, it's not big overhead.
2) I have a twitch stream where I'm discussing my game development, maybe you can watch and ask appropriate questions and I will help you.
3) Depends on what do you want to use, webgl or canvas. Right now I'm working with webgl only and have good practices how to make the game by using famous libraries such as React along with server-side rendering. And also I know how to write minimal rendering engine which will work fine.

I apologise that didn't answer your questions by clear way, but you need to describe your problems, otherwise answers will be abstract.
Because you can use any frameworks you want, you can use OOP, functional programming, MVC or event-based model, server-side or just client-side – you know.


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