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Disable mass / weight to prevent body "fall through" other bodies


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Hi There,

I use Arcade physics on Phaser3. And I got multiple moveable bodies which stick on top of each other.
For two bodies this works, the third does sink a bit into the second and the forth makes the whole stack collapse and fall through the bodies. (example image attached)
(edit) Note: Bodies are not falling through static sprites, the described behavior does only apply to dynamic bodies.
I would prefer a "not checking" for weight, - setting velocity Y to 0 on collision does inflict many more problems. So this won't solve the issue.

I set the OverlapBias on the Arcade physics to 20 (code below) to prevent bodies with high gravity falling through static sprites.
The Y gravity is set to 2000, decreasing this amount does not solve the issue and the gravity amount is needed.

arcade: {
  gravity: {x: 0, y: 2000},
  debug: true,
  overlapBias: 20

What I came around was thinking to set the weight or mass so that the sprites don't "sink" into each others body.
Even tho if a body is falling on onto two bodies which are on top of each other, they complete break and fall through.
Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? 


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further explanation for better understanding
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