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Height of a point on the ground


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How do I get the height (Y-Axis) of a point on the ground by pickinfo. I would like to add to the grass when we click on a points of ground.

I am missing just the point Y of the place clicked for that my grass is not below the ground when she is added.


Thank you for your help.

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Thank you, but I was talking about to retrieve the point Y of the terrain when I click on a places any of the ground.
here on a pickedpoint, it retrieves the position x and z of an object. The x and y position of a pickedpoint are in a world 2d and me I wish the Y position of the 3d world.

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You should have a look to the Worldmonger demo. on babylon website. I think there is what you want.


Another solution would be at start up to store in an array each pixels of your heightmap . After with your event x z and few calculations, just look in the array at the right index  to get your y elevation (the gray level), etc..and adapt it to your world.



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Thank you Samuel. I know this Worldmonger demo. I use it in my project where I've added functionality for my game editor. But I do voi not where recover the height of a point following the click. I'll look again.


May be that Deltakosh would have a idea?

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