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Combining HTML DOM elements with Phaser 3 (transparent background)


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I am about to start creating a new RPG card game, which will have a lot of visual effects, for which the particle emitter of the Phaser 3 will be perfect.
But since I need to rotate the cards in perspective, as you can see on the following video, and since the perspective is not (yet) implemented in Phaser 3, I thought to combine Phaser 3's canvas with regular HTML DOM elements. More specific what I thought to do is to create most of the game using HTML DOM elements and JavaScript, and to place the Phaser 3-s div and canvas somewhere inbetween them with transparent background, which will hold all the particle emitters needed. 
Eventually might use 2 Phaser instances and canvases on 2 different layers.

What do you think about this combination? Can it work smoothly on mobile devices? Would it have any drawbacks?



Thank you!
Lehel Kolumban

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I have tried really hard to find it, but without any success. I would be very grateful if somebody could show me how to do it. I also would very gladly take any advice and any pro/cons regarding the above mentioned combination.


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15 hours ago, samme said:

There's probably a way to apply the perspective transformation in Phaser, if you know the formula. Might be simpler that way.

Hm, there was transformCallback for this in Phaser 2 but I don't see anything like that for 3. Maybe something with Containers.

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