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Is a flat projection possible?


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Hi everyone!

I'm new to 3D and WebGL, and Babylon looked like a good place to start.

My first question is this: is a completely flat projection possible, or is orthographic/orthogonal the closest that Babylon.js does?

Thanks :)

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Hi @Magilla and welcome to the forum. No replies yet I see and I don't think I can help very much except to say I am not sure what you are after. What do you mean by flat projection. A quick search on orthographic projection gave me an explanation, flat projection brought up lots of projection types. How about drawing (or finding) an example of an object and the flat projection you need that would help. Other than that you could just wait until someone comes along who understands what you want.


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Hello and welcome!

So if you want pure 2D projection, the closer you can get is orthographic projection.

For pure 2D, you can also make sure that perspective camera FOV is 90 degree and have all objects on the same plane


Can you tell me more about what you want to achieve?

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I wish to make video overlays for live video - 3d objects manipulated in a 2d plane so that the perspective of the object doesn't change as it moves around the screen.

I managed to make a flat 3d projection in three.js, but Babylon looks easier to manipulate dynamic text on objects with.

Here's what I have in three.js at the moment: Three.js test

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