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Blurred text


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I have notice that the text created with babylon gui is blur. So I tried to put a classic html div and a gui text next to each other and the result is really obvious.

I have made a playground to see it : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2ARI2W#3
And attached you will find a screenshot of what I see. Plus I get the same thing with images, they are really blurred!

First I wondered if this is only on my computer/screen that it is blurred like that. Some of you also have this problem?

I have looked for a solution and the best I have found is to use the setSize function of the engine : 

And it works I have better texts icons and images, but then a lot of other stuff were broken like the scene.pick function because the canvas size doesn't match with the screen size anymore I guess.

So I just wonder why canvas can't have a better resolution and if there is a fix maybe?

Bye bye, Pichou

text difference.PNG

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@JoshB Three.js must face the same issue if we are talking about rendering text INSIDE WebGL. As @JohnK mentioned you can also use HTML based GUI tools that will render the text perfectly.

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Hey @Deltakosh,

I know this library fabricjs which seems to have no issue to have good text rendering with webGL : http://fabricjs.com/

Plus I have made some research and found this article very interesting with a working example : http://wdobbie.com/post/gpu-text-rendering-with-vector-textures/

Then I also found this stackoverflow which list several techniques with its pros and cons : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25956272/better-quality-text-in-webgl

Maybe you already know all of that but I hope that can help!

Cheerz, Pichou

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Hello Forum ?

From what I have gathered so far, it happens mainly cause we are not (at least in my case) rendering at native pixel size ( hardwareScalingLevel = 1 ) Here is a quick demo full scale for me ( hardwareScalingLevel = 0.5 ) where I also obvisously have to increase the texture size.


It is actually what http://wdobbie.com/post/gpu-text-rendering-with-vector-textures/ is using:


Hope this can help

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