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Rotating Mesh Around Y Axis using lookAt


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Is lookAt the best function  for rotating the mesh around the Y access based on the location of the mouse pointer?

My code currently looks something like this:

let rotateMesh = function(evt) {

let vec3 = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, evt.clientX, 0);



The problem is that it throws the mesh out of position. How would I rotate it around only the Y position, while keeping the X and Z coordinates the same? If using the lookAt function is not the best approach, what would be a better approach?

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I don't know enough about Babylon to help with that yet, but I've refactored your event handling code to remove a bug: you never cancel the onMouseMove once the object hit is confirmed.

This will hopefully be a bit easier to work with:


The console shows that the onMouseMove code only runs when the button is down.

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        engine.runRenderLoop(function () {

You do not need this code within a playground as the playground wrapper already supplies this. See if removing it smooths the scene as you are double calling.

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