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[solved] .obj Files exported by MagicaVoxel


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I am having a problem with obj Models exported by MagicaVoxel.
Somehow the texture is not displaying correctly.

I have attached the obj file, the texture and the mtl.
I also attached two pictures: one from Babylon and one from MagicaVoxel.

What could be the cause of this issue? I hope it can be easily fixed :)

Thank you!







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Sadly convertToFlatShadedMesh didn't change anything ?

MagicaVoxel also doesn't feature any export options, so I guess I will have to convert everything through blender if there is no other way.

Maybe some more ideas?

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Hi guys.  I hear there are quite a few different .obj formats.  I'm certainly no pro... regarding the whole situation.

BUT... I think I have an .obj loader playground that broke in v3.2+.  Not sure... and it might be predicted and understood... by the core team.


You must mouseWheel forward to see the loaded .obj mesh.  That... seems like the wrong mouseWheel direction.

You can set the camera radius in line 14 (currently 20)... to -180, and get a decent camera position.  (weird)

But, the mouseWheel is backwards, still.

Is the BabylonJS objectLoader plugin... healthy?  Did it become z-inverted, somehow?  Thoughts?  (thx)

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Ahh, yeah, I didn't see  -0.7 alpha.  *sigh*.  Thx dk.   It's a pieced-together PG from an old model that somebody else made.

I was backing the camera away from a culled backface and didn't even notice.  DUH, Wingy.  Sad.

I swear I'm getting dumber by the hour.  :(

Perhaps Akatana can modify this playground, publish his sign.obj, sign.mtl, and sign.png files... somewhere CORs-clear.

Then import them into this playground demo (and do some more saves).  We can see what it looks like in the playground, and maybe do some hacking.

Akatana, if it's possible for you, zip-up all three files and publish it somewhere where we can DL it.

I need to quit putting unnecessary workload onto DK, though.  Geez, Wingy. 

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