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Sprite within container and interactivity?


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Hi @enpu

I'm still working on my settings menu and I have a question about the 'interactive' property.

If I have an overlay sprite that is interactive(solid color box), it basically acts as a barrier, so the items underneath can't be clicked. If I make this sprite invisible, then the sprites underneath become clickable again.

If I however put interactive sprites(buttons) inside the parent sprite, and then turn it invisible, the child sprites still remain interactive, even tho they are invisible along with the parent.

Is this by design? I feel like it would be better to disable interactivity on all sprites the parent holds, if it's made invisible.

Just asking, so I can design around if necessary :)

Thank you! 

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I had to take a closer look on the engine code, and yes currently it seems to be by design, visible property doesn't affect interactivity of it's childrens.

I have to see if i should do some redesigning there.

Could you instead of using the visible property, use addTo and remove on the overlay sprite? That's should also disable all interactivity.

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