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3 Finger tap doesn't seem to work with remote


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Hi @Ninjadoodle

I'm using an iPhone SE on 11.2.6 and its working ok here as well and on my iPad as well.

Panda Editor 1.5.0
Panda Engine 2.7.0
Panda Remote 1.1.0

Just tried with 2.7.1dev with no issues as well.  Firewall / network issue maybe?  Can you open your browser on your phone and visit http://MACHINEIP:3000/ and see your game ok?  I think its just port 3000 (you can see the port in the Panda Editor settings) that's used?  Tried some silly things like restarting phone, reinstalling Panda remote etc 'just in-case' ?  Does it work with a fresh empty project ?


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Hi @8bitdna - Thank for the tips, but still the same. Tried reinstalling Panda remote, restarting phone and loading the essentials template + some other projects.

The game loads fine on both PC and phone (through remote) when I type in xxx.xxx.x.xx:3000, but it doesn't update/reload and 3 finger tap doesn't work.

Might be some weird iOS bug thingie :)

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Tried reinstalling the Panda 2 editor?  Or trying from another PC/Mac if you have one?  I'm clutching at straws a little bit there though.

What about the accessibility options on your iPhone, I know they can mess a little with touch gestures etc?  Could that be part of the problem?

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@8bitdna - I'll definitely try that also and let you guys know what happens :) 

Not a big issue as I can still preview the game, but would be cool to know what's causing the problems.

Weird thing is that it was working a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't touched any phone settings etc.

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