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Phaser 3 or 2?


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I am evaluating some js engines to pick the right one for my first js project. It is going to be a simple old school RPG (think final fantasy 3, but much shorter and ideally isometric).

So in terms of phaser... Should I be looking at version 2 or version 3?


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The long and short of it is: Phaser 3 has new features, and generally seems nicer, but because it's still pretty new it can be difficult to find examples, documentation, or tutorials. So, I guess it depends how confident you are at making sense of Phaser 3 on your own. There are way more resources out there for Phaser 2. 

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Thanks so much, that makes sense. I think I should stick to phaser 2 seeing as I'm new to js.

Is performance in phaser 3 very different to phaser 2?

And one last question... Coming from unity, I am looking for a unity-like experience, as much as possible anyway. Would you recommend the phaser editor or mighty editor? Or something else? I am a little overwhelmed with all the possible choices...

Thank you!

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So far I have been very impressed with Phaser 3's performance. Tilemap alone is a massive improvement over 2.

I don't have experience with Mighty Editior but have used Phaser Editor quite a bit in the past. I really liked it and the developer has always been responsive and helpful. That being said I don't think it has Phaser 3 support yet (I know he's actively working on it).

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I've started to learn game dev using phaser 3 as well. (I'm coming from a background of coding command line applications in C++/Java, web is totally new to me) Looking back on it, I think I might have saved myself some time if I maybe started with phaser 2. But at this point, I've written a lot of my game in phaser 3 so I'm not going to start over now. XD

labs.phaser.io is good for finding examples, but the search functionality isn't great. I spend time trying to find examples there basically every day, and slowly I'm learning how Phaser 3 works by doing that. There are still tutorials for Phaser 3, just not as many. Cat Small's one on Code Train is good, there are a few others on the site as well. So, it's very possible if you're willing to devote the time to it! And, I like it. I would love more people to learn it so that we can build a more supportive community. The syntax seems more readable than what I've seen of Phaser 2.

In terms of IDE, I write my code in VS code. I like to code there because it can predict the functions/variables available and do things like rename each instance of a variable.

To preview/test - I just open the files in firefox using LAMP (Linux) / WAMP (Windows).  It's handy to have web dev console, and I like the firefox environment for it.

VS code: https://code.visualstudio.com/download
WAMP:  http://www.wampserver.com/en/#download-wrapper
LAMP: https://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-install-lamp-on-ubuntu

(With lamp you'll probably have to chmod the www directory to put your code files in it)





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