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Question about game.Timer.speed


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Hi @enpu

This is a strange question and completely cool if this is impossible, but just want to double check.

Currently, I am pausing my game by setting game.Timer.speed = 0;

This pause happens, when I tap the settings button. I'm wondering if there is any way yo have certain objects exempt from this 'pause'.

For example, I would like to pause the whole game besides the settings buttons, which I would still like to animate.

This might be a complex question, and I'm happy to keep the button stationery, just wondering if there is a way to still get tweens etc. on some objects when the game timer is 0.

Thank you in advance for any ideas :)

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You should use game.scene.pause and game.scene.resume functions.


This will pause all objects, tweens, timers etc and save them, and once you call game.scene.resume, it will resume all those paused elements. That means while everything is paused, you can still animate your pause/settings screen etc.

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@enpu - I think it might just be sprite animations that don't get paused. Pausing a tween seems to work.

I think this might be a bug, but here is the code, just in case :)

game.scene.buttonSettings.mousedown = function() {
    game.scene.buttonSettings.visible = false;
    game.scene.ui.visible = true;
    game.scene.settingsBg.interactive = true;
    game.scene.buttonSettingsBack.interactive = true;
    game.scene.buttonSettingsMusic.interactive = true;
    game.scene.buttonSettingsAudio.interactive = true;
    game.scene.buttonSettingsStage.interactive = true;


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