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Prototype - Babylon Runner


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Good evening guys, 


This week, I was at Microsoft TechDays '14 in Paris, and it was awesome !! It was awesome and very inspiring, especially the first day (Tuesday) as it was more aimed to developers like us. The last session of the day was called 'Coding4Fun' (held by our friends Deltakosh and Davrous), and it was indeed extremely fun :) 


After this, I went to te nearest train station to come back home (about 1.5 hour)... BUT a random cow choose to get hit by a train on the very same rails that mine : my trip is now about 2.5 hours.


Sooo, what did I did on my seat during this 2.5 hours of trip ? I made a game with our favorite 3D engine!!


You can try it here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17799537/babylonRunner/index.html, but please use your imagination, as I didn't have any graphical assets on my hand.


Press Enter to start the game.


You play as a train : to switch lane, use arrows (right and left).

You have to get as many green boxes as possible, but you have to stay away from the red cows that have been trapped on the lane.

Press 'R' to restart.


My best score is 35 :)


You can use the source code if you want, but be careful, it's not very well coded ;) I will 'maybe' update it to create a windows metro app.


Finally, I would like to thank both David's (Delta and Darous) for this awesome last session back on Tuesday, and the French train company for the inspiration for this game.


Enjoy, and share your best score !!


Cheers !

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