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How to suppress "Babylon.js engine (vX.X.X) launched"


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I would say no for matters of principle.

Why do you mind? This engine is free, a small advertisement for Babylon is a fair feedback to thank this great job done on this professional quality engine, right?

Otherwise a clear on the console empty totally , but I think it's good to leave it, it does not bother anyone. Why do people want to do this? I see everywhere people constantly want to remove copyrights to appropriate the work of others. 

Babylon allows the creation of even commercial projects without asking for royalties and with this kindness of the author you want to delete this information in the console. But why ? Sometimes I do not understand people. ?

One day people will want to rename the engine in BABYLON => ITSMINE

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I understand the credits thing, and I'm happy to give it credit to Babylon, specially within the game (in a credits scene or a "made with" label).

But working in a digital agency, as I do, sometimes the client won't allow console messages on the delivered assets, so sometimes (depending on the client, ofc) we have to do some workarounds in a post-build script to remove it (and in almost all of those cases we just left the default babylon loading scene).

But one thing that would be awesome is if Babylon would give us a badge window (like unity used to have for the webgl player) in a corner of the canvas or something that we could call to display for a few seconds that the game was made with babylon js. That would be coool :D

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On 6/13/2018 at 9:50 PM, Dad72 said:

with this kindness of the author you want to delete this information in the console.

I'm not convinced that it is the intention of the devs to retain credits by writing to the console.

The logs are easy enough to suppress by accessing the static 'Logger' class.

BABYLON.Logger.LogLevels = BABYLON.Logger.NoneLogLevel


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