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Essentials Flash Question


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Hi @enpu

I love the 'Essetials' Flash class - it's a really nice shortcut. I'm just wondering if there is a way to set the area of the flash?

This might be a bit elaborate for the plugin, but here is a case scenario ...

I have a square with an image and a dark border. I would like to flash the image without flashing the border as well.

I know I can do this by inserting the border as a child, but that causes other problems in my game.

Having an option of setting the Flash Area inside the sprite being flashed would be awesome.

No problem if this is a little too complex, just wanted to ask :)


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I just added four new parameters to the flash function, which allows you to cut it from left, top, right and bottom:

// Cut flash 100px from left and 50px from right
sprite.flash(400, '#ff0000', null, 100, 0, 50, 0);


I have attached new version of the plugin here, could you test how it works before i publish it?


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