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Really bad Internet Explorer performance


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Hi, I am creating a game with babylon.js. Currently the game runs very smooth on chrome, firefox (>50fps) but when I run it on internet explorer the game lags a lot (<5fps). The game has to support IE because it is a requirement, is there anything I can do that can increase framerate? any advice?


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I have tried to find the "Using SW renderer" in the F12 console, but i did not find it.





The only thing i found is in the internet options, but i did not see any difference between the two modes.




Can you be more precise about the "Using SW renderer" ?


Moreover, I cannot explain why the FPS of the same scene in Firefox (or Chrome) and IE is different.


For example in the heart scene of BuildOurOwnBabylonJS project: I have 10 FPS for IE and 51 for Firefox.


Internet Explorer screen:




Firefox screen:




Is there any possibility to make IE more efficient ?


Thanks for your answers.

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To be sure that Visual studio does not activate the debbuger, I have tried with the Heart demo on babylonjs.com.


And the difference is still huge:


8 fps for IE:




And 121 fps for Firefox:




Have you got the same difference ? may be your are using an upper version of IE than us ?


Thanks for your answer.

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I have got this message: "WEBGL11258: Basculement temporaire vers le rendu logiciel pour afficher le contenu WebGL." sorry my IE is in french.


But i think it is the french message for "Using SoftWare renderer".


If it is, what should I do to disable the SW renderer ?



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