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Depth Swapping / Bring to top?


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Hi @enpu

This is awesome, thank you very much!

I do have one case scenario that I'm not sure how to work around tho.

I have a bunch of sprites in a container (4 or 5). Any suggestion on what would be the best way to bring any particular sprite to the top of the container?

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Sorry, but what if I don't know what the top sprite is? Is there a quick way to find out?

In Construct 3, there are a couple of actions called - sendToTop and sendToBottom and they will send the sprite to the top/bottom of the current layer (in Panda's case 'container').

I think these would be really handy to have in Panda :)

Thanks heaps for the tips!

*** EDIT - I just realized that children[0] is the top sprite (feeling stupid tonight lol) ***

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Actually sorry, children[0] is the first children, which gets rendered first, so it is the bottom sprite.

I just added new index parameter to addTo function, which lets you specify the index where the child is added.

sprite.addTo(container, 0); // Add sprite to container as first child

Also adde toBottom and toTop methods to Container class.

sprite.toBottom(); // Move to first children, gets rendered first, so it's bottom
sprite.toTop(); // Move to last children, gets rendered last, so it's top


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