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Export specular textures with 3ds max


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Les textures spéculaires ne sont jamais exportées avec l'export 3ds max (2017).

Tous mes modèles sont des textures, diffuses, spéculaires et bosselées. Diffuse et bump sont correctement exportés, mais pas les spéculaires.

Merci d'avance.

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the format .babylon. Then I check the box to export the textures with.

The models I have with license and I can not distribute them.

But diffuse and bump is exported correctly, it's just the specular that is not exported.

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Babylon format only supports:

- global specular color

- specular color texture

- specular power (3ds max glossiness)


Currently the exporter doesn't take into account the specular level texture.

However you can achieve to have a similar result by multiplying the specular color with the specular level.

The result in your case for the boat material would be a shade of blue, instead of a shade of grey.


As an enhacement, we could merge those 2 maps automatically by the exporter (or the specular level map + the global specular color).

What do you say @Deltakosh ?

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Yes I would be to merge automatically because I have a lot of models to review otherwise, currently I am more than 60 different models for my city and I have yet anothers objects to add, created in the same way.


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Hi Dad72,


A pull request is pending including the enhancement discussed previously.


The specular color map is either:

- directly the specular color map setup in 3ds max when the specular level map is not defined. To ensure backward compatibility, the global specular level is ignored in this case. It is assumed the specular color map is already pre-multiplied by the desired amount.

- a mix between specular color map and specular level map. Maps are multiplied.

- a mix between specular level map and global specular color. The global specular color is multiplied to each pixel of the specular level map.


Thanks for your feedbacks!

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@Noalak I get a problem with all my models that uses opacity (for the foliage of trees, plants ...)

Yet my tree models do not use spectacular on my foliage, but now they are all opaque on the inside of the foliage and transparent on the outside.

Even if I do not activate AO merge, I have more opacity on my foliage. It worked well before.

Also the specular textures have become textures jpg Why not reuse the texture of the spectacular level channel. but need to recreate a new jpg image as well. Just assign it to the spectacular color and ignore the spectacular level

I get his mistakes too (I did not have them before)





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Sounds like an issue with normals. Are the faces of the trees black in the 3ds max viewport ?

Can you share a repro scene ? I guess not, then try to apply the material you use for trees on a new box in order to check if it's a material issue.

As a workaround, if your objects are not animated you can apply a ResetXForm on them. It often solves a lot of issues :)

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No, we have green faces now. it worked well before the update. in 3ds max my foliage is transparent and in babylon I had transparency, but not anymore. This is the update that created this problem.

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About specular textures becoming jpg, the specular level texture is not meant to be directly used as specular color texture by Babylon. The reason for this is that the specular level texture is a grayscale, only giving a single value (intensity) for each pixel.

The specular color texture exported (used by Babylon) is a combinaison of the specular level texture and a color, either given globally or via a texture. The result is a colored texture taking into account the level/intensity of the specular.

In your case, you provide a specular level texture and a global specular color. The exporter computes a new texture being the combinaison of them. This texture is exported as jpg.

If you want to have full control of the final specular color texture used by Babylon, you can perform the combinaison of level and color manually and set the texture in the specular color channel. Do not provide any specular level texture.


About the yellow warning regarding channels, Babylon only supports up to 2 channels per texture. To remove the warning, set texture "Map Channel" to 1 or 2. You have the warning now and not before because the specular level texture is now used.


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