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Button dis-connected


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I have made a form for inputting parameters for webm audio/video recordings.  I have broken out the top level StackPanel apart from the full screen AdvancedDynamicTexture.  When either the "Rehearse" or "Record" buttons are pressed, you cannot still have the form visible or this happens:


Clearly not acceptable to be in the video itself, & a little annoying for rehearsing.  The only way I found to temporarily get rid of it was to dispose the texture.  After the scene is done, I took the StackPanel and put it in a new AdvancedDynamicTexture, just 2 lines.  The buttons are connected to NOTHING now though.

Using a Mesh for the texture will allow it to be hidden, but then I need a second camera in ortho mode & setup layer masks.  Is there any way to avoid going that route?


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@dad72, always good to have a number of ways of equal effort.  From a tie breaker standpoint, the code reads slightly more straight forward by setting the visibility of the top level StackPanel..  Though I suppose the downside of that is you have to have a top level control.  I definitely need one anyway, since I need vertical stacking with some horizontal.

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