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How to make spine's onComplete event fires while losing tab focus?


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hi guys,

How can I make a spine keep checking onComplete Event while losing tab focus?
As I tested, if I run several spine animations(different length) at the same time, then switch to another tab immediately, 
the onComplete events won't fire, but they will fire at once when the tab get focus again.

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hi @ivan.popelyshev,

Thanks for your hints, I got it works by calling updateTransform of all spines in my custom setInterval which will keep firing on blur. something like

createSpine(data, opts) {
    const spine = new PIXI.spine.Spine(data, opts);
    return spine;

updateOnBlur() {
     // update animatedSprite

     // update spine
     this.updateList.forEach(spine => spine.updateTransform());

I am wondering is there any setting that I can apply shared ticker to all spines, so I don't need to store them in an array.

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dont forget to remove them when its needed, or you'll get memory leak.

Well, you can just call updateTransform on whole stage and not list of spine objects, however you need a temporary parent for it (or get NullPointerException), like WebGLRenderer or CanvasRenderer does , please look inside pixi sources. Or you can call updateTransform of all direct children of the stage.


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