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Shrink wrapping


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sure but you most know geometrybuilder struct first

that is alpha version


in alpha version we can 

a1.push Vertex

a2.push uv

a3. make Face

a4. import obj

a5. attach geometries 


 for beta version i am work on 3  more stuff

b1. curve  base

b2. new fast boolean operation  ( that support  shrink algorithm too )

b3. read GIS Data

notice ***  b2 - 


-- cpu side

1 - make mathematical  helper function for face and edge(point + vector ) relations

2 - make 2 geometry buffering

3 - find  Shared edge between 2 geometry  

 ----  gpu side ( that make it so fast )

4. discard shared  or extra face  

5. mix or union or sub geos

we can make shrink  use part 1 - 3  and attach some special part

so in first step read about alpha version after that  we can work on it

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