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Atlas multiple animations with same sprite.


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How can I do this in Panda 2, I have an atlas with multiple animations such as stand, run and walk.  I would like to make 1 sprite be able to call those animations at any time.  I understand that sprite = game.Animation.fromTextures('run') declares a sprite that can only play run.  But how would I play stand. run and walk at anytime without redeclaring the sprite?  I tried this but it does not seem to work, it always starts at the first animation of the atlas.

this.sprite = new game.Animation('player.atlas');


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To add multiple animations with name you can use addAnim function, like in this example: https://www.panda2.io/examples#animation-addAnim

For that you need to define indexes for each frame, though i have just added new change so you can also define string that will look for frames starting with that, instead of frame index:

this.sprite = new game.Animation('player.atlas');

// Create new anim named runAnim from all frames that start with string 'run'
this.sprite.addAnim('runAnim', 'run');

// Create new anim named jumpAnim from all frames that start with string 'jump'
this.sprite.addAnim('jumpAnim', 'jump');

// Play anim named runAnim

To try that out, update your engine to latest dev version.

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I'm using the dev engine and see the changes you've made.  I get 2 errors in console.  Let me know if I did something wrong.

undefined:1 GET file:///C:/Users/.../undefined net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
texture.js:76 Uncaught Error loading image undefined


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My atlas has 4 colors of balloons, each color has 1 set of animation.  I want the balloon to be able to switch to another color anytime.  Below I put the piece of code and a bit of the atlas JSON.  Does it look correct?

this.sprite = new game.Animation('balloons.atlas');

    "frames": { 
        "balloon-blue/0000": {
            "x": 1927, 
            "y": 719,
            "w": 250,
            "h": 250,
            "sx": 71,
            "sy": 52,
            "sw": 107,
            "sh": 143


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Not sure what you changed, but it looks like its working now with the new dev version, thanks!.  I have another question.  What is the best way to make the sprite start at an animation name frame 0, but not play immediately?  Something like anim.stop(name,frame)?

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There is also gotoFrame function, which you can use if you just want to change the current frame of the animation (without affecting the playback):

this.sprite.gotoFrame(0); // Go to frame index 0 of current animation

this.sprite.gotoFrame('run', 1); // Switch to run animation and go to frame index 1


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