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Native Desktop Phaser Games with Alchemium and Phaser


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Hi guys we are about to release the official v1.0 build of Alchemium.  Alchemium makes it very simple to create and distribute native applications using just HTML5 and JavaScript (Windows Only right now) .


It has turned out to be a great fit with Phaser.  Using Alchemium's native extension capabilities we recently added XBox 360 controller support (I know controller support will land in Chrome soon).


You can check out the docs and download the latest SDK here: http://www.electricplum.com/alchemium/docs


If any of you are interested in learning more, please drop me a note at:  shaun AT electricplum DOT COM thanks!


Here are some highlights:


- No worries about compatibility the browser and JavaScript engine is embedded in the Alchemium runtime and your application.

- Embedded, Customized fork of Chromium (on par with Chrome 32.x)

- Fully accelerated WebGL and Web Audio support.

- Integrated Web developer tools and debugger.

- Live edit - Changes you make to your code and markup are reflected in real-time when in "Architect Mode".

- Alchemium Scores 505 on the HTML5 test.

- Develop and run Phaser games with no local web server requirements / fully cross-domain enabled.

- Extend the platform to present native APIs to JavaScript (like we did with the XBox 360 Controller API).

- Alchemium generates and bundles your application as a native EXE with all assets protected.

- Alchemium can automatically generate a commercial grade installer for your application.

- A great platform to monetize HTML5 games and applications on the desktop.


Here is a shot of me tweaking a Phaser sample, adding XBox controller support:







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