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For those who are interested too, I found some info on the dev logs:


There will be another beta release, Beta 3, in a couple of weeks time. This release will contain the new Scale Manager and the Facebook Instant Games Plugin as well. At the time of writing that will be August 24th. It would have been sooner, but I'm on holiday the day this newsletter comes out, so this means we're looking at a 3.12 release during the last week of August.


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The ScaleManager looks to be in place in the latest version. You can find the source for it (here), and it's imported by the Game object (here). However, it must be turned on with the experimental flag, and the process for doing so eludes me.

The experimental code is using Webpack's DefinePlugin to replace the "EXPERIMENTAL" string in the webpack.config.js (here). This is great for setting up precompiler-like options, but the end result is that all occurrences of "EXPERIMENTAL" are replaced with the boolean value false. That means experimental mode is turned off, with no way to turn it back on without altering the source code manually.

This would have been much better to leave as a constant global JS variable that could be overridden by app developers at runtime with a simple:


somewhere in your application. As it stands, there's not an obvious way to do it.

If anyone knows an easy way to turn on experimental mode, it would be appreciated.

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