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exporting 2D plans & elevations - how best to go about this

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At some point soon I would like to be able to create 2D views of my scene as viewed from an orthographic camera which I will then output as a vector line drawing in, say, DXF using maker.js or as a PDF using some library or other.

Generally, can anyone suggest how best to go about this please - I just cannot think of where to start.

For anyone familiar with CAD, this is like Make2D in Rhino or FLATSHOT in AutoCAD.

I guess this is computationally expensive as Rhino can take a while to do this, but that generates from NURBs, not meshes.

Hope this isn't too vague a question.

Thank you.

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4 hours ago, babbleon said:

is there a way to check if one particular vertex of a mesh is visible from a camera?

There is an interface called ICullable, which has 2 methods for checking if it's in a frustum:

Here is a PG that I made using meshes, so not a vertex.  I just want to make sure this is not what you are looking for:

Camera also has planes that you can use and also camera.isInFrustum() methods that take ICullable.  Although completely inFrustum doesn't make sense for a Vector3, so could be same implementation for both, so I think you can work from those planes and view projection matrix.  There must be a built-in method somebody can give you, but otherwise hopefully that is enough to get you going.  I'm really busy right now or would dig into some math for ya!

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