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Loader bug on android chrome 68

Aldo V

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I was just looking around to get started with babylon js. I encountered loader issue. While opening this flighthelmet, yeti and Chili Rex demo loader getting struck. Fighthelmet get struck offen.

To reproduce 

1) Clear "cache" and "data" of chrome on andorid

2) open this link 


3) Strucks at 1 and flickering between 1 and 2.

I tested on couple of devices able to reproduce this issue. I am not sure whether its app issue or engine issue.

Another one small link issue. flighthelmet, yeti and Chili Rex demo not opening on just clicking in Mobile chrome. "https://" is missing 

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On my nexus with Chrome 68, everything looks ok by following the links from either http://www.babylonjs.com or https://www.babylonjs.com 

A fix went in the loader yesterday for a loader race condition, so I am wondering if it fixed your behaviour. Could you try again and let us know ?

PS: FlightHelmet is about 70 Mb of assets so It can be slow to load depending on your network.

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@sebavan Still Fighthelmet app loader is showing "1 remaining" beginning to end. Flickers between 1 and 2 sometime. This time after downloading it is showed white screen now. I also face this same white screen issue before once. Internet speed is not problem. I have 100mbps connection. I can share screen record of this. I am using one plus 5. Tell me anything I can do to help debuging this issue

PS: Test on cache and data cleared chrome Android app to reproduce it. 

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I can definitely see the website link problem which actually might be coming from our CDN (multiple content length header) and not the website code itself.

About the loader, the thing is it shows all the loading tasks one after the other which is by design. We first download one model that will fetch more resources and so on.

I will contact our cdn provider and see if we can do something about it.


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In your video it is not stuck ??? IT seems to move after a while (downloading the 50 Mb at the 1M/s download rate displayed -> 50 sec and then downloading the background and related environments)

All of those 3 models are pretty big and could explain the issue.

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