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[1.1.3] paused problem with android galaxy devices


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when I tested on PC and iPad all works fine, but with android galaxy devices have a problem after the losing focus on browser.


I added that line in the create function of preloader:

game.stage.disableVisibilityChange = true;

I've updated also: (src/input/Pointer.js)

// Fix to stop rogue browser plugins from blocking the visibility state eventif (this.game.stage.disableVisibilityChange === false && this.game.paused && this.game.stage.scale.incorrectOrientation === false){this.game.paused = false;return this;}

also tried to comment out the check below it, don't help :(


probably that already fixed it in the new version, but my project 100% ready in the 1.1.3 version, and need to fix only that one.


+ Phaser.CANVAS render

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Have you commented out that block of code in Pointer.js? (that is what it needs). If after this + the stage line the game still pauses then it must be something Android specific, maybe it kills requestAnimationFrames automatically when the browser is minimised? What actually happens when it returns?

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Yes, I tested also the version of the build where I commented out that block.

What actually happens when it returns?

The game is freezes. Looks like game.paused === true; but no sure about it.

Are there any console log on android's browser? May I can try to log something.

That bug happens only on galaxy android-mobile, for example on my mobile sonyEricsson Walkman all okay.

Also want to note that happens only with native browser of android, if to test via chrome - all okay.

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about the console in android device - I've found that need to type in the address bar: "about:debug" an you can use console!

that helped me find that in my game: game.paused === false when it freezes.

so the game no paused by code 100% , it looks like it really freeze.


rich, any ideas how I can to catch the bug with console report? :)

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one developer recommend to remove requestAnimationFrame and make the other timer, Galaxy devices have troubles with requestAnimationFrame as you said! 


any ideas? may be something like that:

if (this.game.device.desktop){    game.requestAnimationFrameEnable = true;}else{   //mobile   game.requestAnimationFrameEnable = false; //the engine will use himself timer}
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I think I found the solution, just re-wrote the start function in \src\system\RequestAnimationFrame.js:


start: function () {  this.isRunning = true;  var _this = this;  if ((this.game.device.desktop)&&(window.requestAnimationFrame)){     this._isSetTimeOut = false;     this._onLoop = function (time) {         return _this.updateRAF(time);     };     this._timeOutID = window.requestAnimationFrame(this._onLoop);  }else{     this._isSetTimeOut = true;     this._onLoop = function () {         return _this.updateSetTimeout();     };     this._timeOutID = window.setTimeout(this._onLoop, 0);  }}

just disabled requestAnimationFrame timer on mobile, now works fine!


other way how to fix that: (haven't tested yet)

when the game losing the focus - change the timer to updateSetTimeout and then when returm - back to updateRAF.


rich, let me know what do you think about that. :)

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