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Load all assets in a folder


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I was looking through the Loader class, and it seems that in order to load an asset, I need to name each file, like in:
loader.add('example-sprites', 'example-sprite-sheet.json');

Is it possible to load all of the files in a folder without specifying each one by name? I know that I'd like to cache all the files within a specific folder, but I don't actually know what the filenames are prior to loading. 

If this isn't possible, what would be the best practice for this sort of situation when the files aren't known?

Really appreciate any advice on this-- thanks in advance! :)


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you need use a low-level environment for running server-side JavaScript.
take a look on the module node.js. "nwjs"

It allow you to scan your systems files and make a files list for the loader.

and the official doc, but not completed.

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How about a script like this:

var fs = require("fs");

var list = fs.readdirSync("game/static/assets/audio");

    var dynamicAssets = "{\n  \"paths\":\n  [";
    for (var i = 0; i < list.length; i++)
        dynamicAssets += "\n    \"/assets/audio/" + list[i] + "\",";
    dynamicAssets = dynamicAssets.substr(0, dynamicAssets.length - 1) + "\n  ]\n}";

    fs.open('build/dynamicAssets.json', 'wx', (err, fd) => {
        if (err) {
            if (err.code === 'EEXIST') {
                console.log('dynamicAssets.json already exists');
            throw err;
        fs.write(fd, dynamicAssets);


and then you load them like this:


let bootLoader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader();

bootLoader.add('dynamicAssets', 'dynamicAssets.json?version=' + version)

let dynamicAssetPaths = this.app.bootLoader.resources.dynamicAssets.data.paths;
        for (let assetIdx=0; assetIdx < dynamicAssetPaths.length; assetIdx++)
            let assetPath = dynamicAssetPaths[assetIdx];
            let regExp = /([^\/\\&\?]+\.\w{3,4})/g;
            let assetName = regExp.exec(assetPath)[1];
            PIXI.loader.add(assetName, "." + assetPath + "?version=" + version, {loadType:"XHR", xhrType:"blob"});


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