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Question about graphics and anchors


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Hi @enpu

I'm making a timer bar using drawRect, and I'm wondering if you can set anchor points?

When I put the graphic inside the original canvas size, it tweens as if the anchor was at (0,0), however when I move the graphics slightly outside the canvas, it looks like the anchor is always at (0,0) of the canvas.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @enpu

Unless I'm doing this wrong there is something up with graphics and tweening.

I've setup a bar png and tried tweening its scale and that works perfectly fine.

When I try tweening a graphic tho, the tweening / anchors seem all out of whack.

This is my graphics setup code.

this.bar = new game.Graphics();
this.bar.fillColor = '#ff0000';
this.bar.drawRect(320, 320, 480, 100);

game.Tween.add(this.bar.scale, {
    x: 0
}, 20000, {
    easing: 'Linear.None'

The bar scales as if it anchor point was set somewhere else but its top left corner .

Am I missing something/ doing something wrong here?

Thanks again :)

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You should draw your rectangle at position 0,0 and then move the whole graphics object to the position 320,320.

Position of Graphics object and the position of shape is different thing, shapes have also positions because Graphics object can contain multiple shapes.

this.bar.drawRect(0, 0, 480, 100);
this.bar.position.set(320, 320);


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