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Weird error


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I haven't touch my project since yesterday and I'm getting this error loading modules


Failed to load resource (18:23:45:799 | error, network)
  at src/engine/analytics.js
Uncaught Failed to load module engine.analytics at src/engine/analytics.js required from engine.core (18:23:45:903 | error, javascript)
    at script.onerror (src/engine/core.js:366:87)


And I downloaded again the flyingdog from github and it's the same, I thought that the link wasn't working, but actually it does "www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js". Is this happening to you?

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Why everyone is downloading extra programs and  creating web servers instead download Brackets it has great syntax, plugins and very beautiful theme and whats best it has own local server, so you only need is open you project with brackets and run it from the brackets by clicking on the lightning icon, remember this only works with chrome.


P.S Brackets is the open-source version of adobe edge :)

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I'm using it right now. But I was really comfortable working with netbeans


I use Netbeans with the Chrome connector to live reload.

Not having any issues with it. I press F6 in Netbeans and it runs in chrome without starting up an additional webserver.

When I save in netbeans, my chrome reloads the game.


I have a git repo setup as well in netbeans.


What's happening for you with netbeans?

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