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Optimal resolution for my game?


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When I started to create my game I wanted to make it look good on my own phone as a start. So I searched for my screen resolution and it is 1920*1080, so I decided to make my game 540 width and 960 height, making it the half from my res to not make the sprites too big and then scale it*2 in phaser. Yesterday I first tried it on my phone using cordova, and I can only see like 30% of my game because it is too big for the screen. And I dont really understand why is that happening.

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3 hours ago, dude78 said:

Hello :).

You said you made 540 width and 960 height.

You just confused width and height properties.


And about the screen. See Phaser.ScaleManager and its SHOW_ALL method.

Hi, why is it wrong? My game is not in landscape mode, and mobile screens have more height than width dont they? But yes you're right, im very confused..

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