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Hello, can we change the renderer  clearBeforeRender property outside of the config.js file ? I had like to turn it ON/OFF based on the scene but it seems that game.renderer.clearBeforeRender does nothing if changed during the scene init....

Please kindly advise,


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@enpu    game.Renderer.clearBeforeRender = false  does nothing either, I am using the pixi plugin and nothing is working but the config.js in webgl, if not webgl then it seems to work,  also the sprite.tint is not consistent between webgl and canvas, in one case it seems to modulate the color (webgl) while in canvas mode it does blend the sprite with the color based on the tintAlpha....so totally different, can we get the same on both renderers ? or even better, can we decide which one to use  in a way that it will be the same on both ?

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