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[solved] How fill color/texture in CreateLines


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@Dieterich  - Could use polygon mesh builder to make triangles, too.  ;)

From another thread:  Your warehouse triangles could have thickness, so perhaps use extrudeShape for those. (You are a pro at using extrude, yes).  :)

Did you know that BJS has a... var oneMesh = BABYLON.Mesh.MergeMeshes( [list, of, mesh, etc] ) feature?  Might be useful.

Or, you could parent all warehouse pieces to a single master parent.  *shrug*  Later.  :)

All in all,  good luck with your polygon!  Keep in mind that you can create a 2D PICTURE of a shape.... with transparent background, and put that texture onto a plane or sprite.

With proper lighting, you will not be able to "see" that it is a shape painted onto a texture, mapped onto a plane.  It will look almost identical to the polygon mesh-builder "thing".

This info... in case you like texturing (2D shape-painting)... more than plotting polygon shapes.  In certain cases, either way, works the same.

The BabylonJS "dynamicTexture" also has options for painting in 2D... onto its "imageBuffer".  Much like SVG, if you know what that is.  Essentially, paint shapes/strokes/text onto a BJS Texture... with math or manual stroke/fill commands.  Web search for 'DOM Context2d' for more info... if you want to try painting onto a dynamicTexture's 2D "canvas".

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Thx John!  That is VERY cool! 

Hey Dieterich... those warehouse roof-cap triangles would look GOOOOOD with a texture in the middle and an edge around the outsides, I bet.

Good building-building tools, happening everywhere!   I like buildings made-of many little pieces, because later, when it's time to blow them up, they blow up REAL GOOD.  :)

Lots of debris.  Yum!  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JFDFW#10  (an exploder by Jerome.  Click somewhere on red.  POOM!)  FUN!  

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