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Collision between game.Circle and game.Rectangle


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Hi guys,

I'm creating a prototype with Panda 2 but I'm getting issues with physics.

I setup a ground and a ball but when I use game.Circle as shape it doesn't detect the collision.

It does work if I use both game.Circle or both game.Rectangle but it doesn't between game.Rectangle and game.Circle.

Is it a know limitation of Panda 2? Any workaround?


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As far as I can tell, Circle to Rect collision doesn't work yet. It surprised me, too, but wasn't a big issue for what I was doing.

Workaround would be p2.js plugin if you need really advanced physics. If you're making an older arcade style game, then simple rect collisions are fine most of the time even for circle type objects.

Other workaround would be.. Panda is an open-source engine, so we could take a look at finding a fix, and improving the engine.

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Currently in Panda's own physics engine collision is solved (bodies moved) only in Rectangle vs Rectangle and Circle vs Circle collisions. In Rectangle vs Circle the collision is detected, so your body's collide function is called, you could there manually move your bodies the way you want. Or then you could use p2.js physics.

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