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Pass a high-res texture and a low-res texture into a fragment shader, and output a new high-res texture


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A part of my game's post-process render pipeline:

  1. Downscale render to 25% size
  2. Do some post-processing on the downscaled image
  3. Pass both the image before step 1 and the image after step 2 into a GLSL fragment shader with effect.setTextureFromPostProcessOutput(...)
  4. Fragment shader outputs the low-res processed image overlaid on top of the original high-res render

Problem: The final render is pixelated. I guess the initial downscale made it so the shader doesn't use the higher-res input texture as the "base resolution"? What's going on here? How do I properly set fragment shader input textures of different resolutions in a post-processes?

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On 10/13/2018 at 11:07 PM, BitOfGold said:

but a Pass possprocess's output should be the same. I don't know why...

Well because it is a Pass postprocess :) It just pass the data (but can be used to scale up/down)

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