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I have a room designed in Unreal. I exported it as Fbx, imported this Fbx into Blnder and exported as Babylon file.

But the babylon file is not displayed properly. (screen shot attached). No errors were reported during these conversions and all the texture files are there in the required location. No errors reported during loading of the babylon scene.


I could not understand what is the mistake I did. 

Can you please help me on this?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi, Thank you all. It looks like, it is not a wise option to export to FBX and then importing into some other 3d tool and then exporting it to Babylon. The moment we export it to fix, we lose some information. In our case, light is spoiled. So, we did our modeling in Maya and exported it to Babylon directly from Maya using plugin/exporter. It came very good. Great plugin. Thanks to Babylon team.

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