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New to Phaser. Have questions.


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I use Mac for my dev.

  1. Is the Phaser 3 API, similar to Phaser 2? So while learning to use P3 can I also be referring to the P2 API docs?
  2. Can I create a Progressive Web App to install app button on user's mobile home screen if they choose?
  3. Will Phaser 3 run offline so users can save/load information from devices?
  4. Developing on Mac, which local http server is recommended.
  5. Do I need to use Typescript or can I just use regular ES6 Javascript. (I prefer to avoid Typescript and learning yet one more language to be honest with you)


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1) Not really. Use the v3 API docs and examples.

2) Yes, there’s a great tutorial on doing this on Game Dev Academy

3) Not without using an app like Electron to package it for local use.

4) Take your pick! I use both MAMP Pro and http-server

5) Use whatever you like. ES6 would be fine!

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4. Developing on Mac, which local http server is recommended.

I started using Local by flywheel which is originally intended for a hosting service but anyone can use it for free.

The Local by Flywheel is actually an advanced graphical front end for a local web server running on Virtual Box. It supports Apache and nginx as well as MySQL.

While it is designed to provide WordPress server test environment, it works like a normal web server after deleting all the WordPress files Local by Flywheel installs in the beginning.

What is remarkable is that Local by Flywheel lets you add multiple servers and administrate them in one place. You can choose any location in your local disks for each one of the entire server environments you create. You can even use iCloud drive. As the server environment is in a folder on the MacOS system, maintenance and backup are easier without worrying messing the MacOS system up.

FYI the size of my development server environment including the server root directory is only 51MB right now.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.15.55.png

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