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How to get clients for rebranding and custom games?


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I made an html5 games and already sold a few non exclusive licences, mainly I contact portals and send them a link to the game, but now I want to learn how to earn money differently from html5 games.


I have "heard" some people making money making custom games for other companies who are not portals, how do they get these clients and make games for them?.

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I'm afraid it's a combination of "who you know", that can either give you work or suggest you to their friends. Or people find you via the web! For example the guy running lessmilk.com has done a lovely job of promoting his little games. They are only quite small games, but doing 1 per week is smart, and posting tutorials too - this keeps interest levels up, and I know he's had some work/sales out of it already. If you have zero local contacts you can call on, then you need to build up your presence online instead (or as well as!). I can't see any other way really. Aside from 'cold calling' (you emailing every agency / company you can think of touting your services)

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